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The American Sewing Guild is a membership organization that welcomes sewing enthusiasts of all skill levels and from many different walks of life. Chapters are located in cities all across the country and members meet monthly to learn new sewing skills, network with others who share an interest in sewing and participate in community service sewing projects. Membership in the Guild gives you an opportunity to experience your love of any type of home sewing with others who share your interest. 
 ASG offers:
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The St Louis Chapter includes neighborhood group meetings all over the St Louis area.  We have groups in St Charles, St Peters, Bellville, Fenton, OFallon, even Columbia and many places in between.  You will find meeting dates and directions on the right of this screen.

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This group has been ongoing since 1996-67. They meet at the Commerce Bank in St. Charles in a beautiful room downstairs. As there is no charge to meet there, the ladies occasionally bake cupcakes for the bank employees upstairs.

This is a very charitable group.   As for good will this group collects a dollar a meeting from each member, in turn when a member is ill, they send a get well card with a $5 gift card to a fabric store. They also use the money at Thanksgiving for St Joachim and Ann church charity fund for their Food Pantry and Social Services at the holiday time. Stitches For Life is a charity group connected with St. Joachim and Ann which supports newborns, the elderly, and people in shelters, and many organizations of need in the area. The women of this NG sew receiving blankets, crib sheets, walker bags, and scarves, plus anything that is needed or requested of them to fill the needs of the community. They also sew pillow cases and tote bags for the Ronald McDonald House. They made cancer caps, anti-ouch pads, and surgery dolls for children in the hospitals. Also they donate to Wings of Hope, an organization that fixes old planes that fly to South America loaded with supplies to help communities in need. These lovely women fill many needs in the St. Charles area.


The members of Designing Women Sew-ciety are a mix of garment sewers, quilters, and embellishers.   Some of their successful programs were making Fabric Beads, Potato Jewelry, boxes from Christmas Cards, and Fabric Bowls. At one program everyone was given a quilt block with a simple coloring book design on it. They used Crayons to color the designs. Later after the squares were set with an iron they quilted the squares together to make baby quilts which were then donated to local charities.


New Film on Elderly Woman Who’s Made 1,200 Dresses for Girls In Africa


We believe your members would be excited to know about our new documentary, THE LITTLE DRESS: A JOURNEY OF HOPE, from MEN OF THE CLOTH director Vicki Vasilopoulos. Our independent film highlights themes of female solidarity, love, empathy, and creating a community. It features Lillian Weber — an amazing 100-year-old volunteer who has a life-affirming mission sewing a dress every day for needy young girls in Africa. We’ve been following Lillian and Rachel O’Neill, the founder of Little Dresses for Africa, since 2014.

We recently launched a crowd funding campaign that has the support of the ASG’s Executive Director, Margo Martin. We’re raising funds so we can film in Africa in April — our goal is to tell the story of the little girl in Malawi who receives Lillian’s beautiful dress and the impact it has on her life’s journey.

In the first week of our campaign, we’ve reached 27% of our goal of $17,000, but we need your help to build grassroots support. Would you be kind enough to share the campaign link and video ( on your website, in your newsletter, or on social media? Those who sew for charity know they’re a part of a larger community of kindred spirits. Please encourage your members to share it with their friends and family (share tools are on t
he left side of the campaign page). Thank you so much for your support!

littledressAll best,
Maria Pusateri
Associate Producer
The Little Dress: A Journey of Hope



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